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Expectations Of A.I In I.T Industry

Department Of AI & DS Organized A Guest Lecture On “Expectations Of A.I In I.T Industry” By Mr.K.Naveen Kumar, A.I. Architect, Prag Robotics Pvt. Ltd.Chennai.

The purpose of this guest lecture was to provide knowledge about various Technology and roles in Artificial Intelligence tools and Applications. Students gained a better understanding of trends in technologies and opportunities for future career growth. They also gained the knowledge of different techniques and models applied for developing new application or products.


  1. Students are aware about the Machine Learning locally and globally.
  2. The learners will be able to effectively work on the Generative A.I tools.
  3. They got knowledge about the steps to build Expectations of A.I in various Industry
  4. The students and faculties earn the various methodologies like R, Git, GitHub, Gemini, Chat GPT, Open A.I, MLOps and research topics.
  5. The learners understand the most important of A.I trends; research needs Predictive analytics, and recommendations.